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Win 7 Pro - 'Dism Host & its Minions'

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:03 pm
by ricky
Hi, guys !
Seriously though, I need to KNOW how to avoid my Ace Utes constantly 'catching' this 'Dism Host and Friends'. I remember when all I caught was the standard thumbnails, and one would certainly expect that. I want (need) to get back there. Yes, I've done a little bit of homework on it, but, that doesn't really explain to me HOW to adjust my Ace Utes to this situation. What do 'I have to check or un-check' in Ace Utes, Windows services, ETC, in order to regain a decent and repeatable scanning preferences baseline ?

and, of Course, as ALWAYS - YOURS is 'The Best' . ricky (3 Time Buyer)