Ace Utilities Related:

Q. Why does Ace Utilities find so many invalid entries even after cleaning my registry with other cleaners? Can I delete all the entries found?

A. Ace Utilities cleans all parts of your registry, and is very efficient. All the found entries can be deleted since the program filters out those entries which may make Windows or related applications unstable. There are some sepcial situations wehere you may need to instruct Ace Utilities to ignore certain entries which it finds. You can do this very easily with the options provided. If you're unable to do this by yourself, please contact the Support section or visit our discussion forum and post your query.

Q. How can I change to expert/advanced mode?

A. In the Ace Utilities main window, select 'Menu' > 'configuration wizard'. Click 'Next' until you see 'Turn Expert mode on' option. Check-mark it.

Installation Related:

Q. How can I upgrade to a new version of Ace Utilities?

A. Upgrade is easy. Just install the new version over the existing version. You don't have to uninstall the previous version before installing the new version.

Q. If I download and install Ace Utilities, can I uninstall it if I want to?

A. Yes, use Control Panel > Add/Remove programs to uninstall Ace Utilities.

Order Related:

Q. I ordered using a credit card. How long will it take for my registration code to be sent by email?

A. As soon as your credit card is validated, you will get a code. Normally, this is a matter of seconds. But it can take a few minutes or even hours in some cases. If you feel the delay is too long, just contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Q. I accidentally ordered twice. what can I do?

A. Just contact us and we will refund the duplicate order.

Registration Related:

Q. How can I enter the serial number I received into Ace Utilities?

A. Look here.

Q. I lost my key. Can you resend it?

A. Yes. Contact us with your order ID.