Changes in v6.6.0 - May 22, 2021
  • Added cleaning for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Browser 's Cache, History, Cookies
  • Added cleaning of Firefox crash reports
  • Added LocalStorage Cookie cleaning for Chrome, Edge, Opera
  • Improved 'Cache' cleaning for Chrome
  • Improved 'Session' cleaning for Chrome
  • Improved 'Cache' cleaning for Opera
  • Added Plugins :Slack, Stardock WindowBlinds, Amazon Music
  • Modified Plugins : Avast AntiVirus, Google Earth, CyberLink AudioDirector
  • Fixed an issue with display of Firefox cookies in Cookie Manager
  • Fixed an issue in deleting / enabling a disabled item in AutoStart Manager > Explorer
  • Minor UI fixes for HiDPI screens
Changes in v5.5.0 - Sep 30 , 2019
  • Added new junk file extension cleaning
  • Updated Microsoft Edge Cache and Cookie cleaning
  • Added option to clear Microsoft Edge Favicons.
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Updated plugins ( Avast! Antivirus,Foxit Reader,Media Player Classic,Skype Metro,Xilisoft Video Converter,ZoneAlarm )
  • New plugins (Amazon Kindle,Skype for Desktop)
  • Fixed column sizes save issue in Startup manager
Changes in v5.4.0 - Nov 6, 2018
  • Fixed some issues with licence registration
  • Now cleans Firefox 64-bit version
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Cleans Waterfox
Changes in v5.3.0 - Sep 20, 2016
  • Removed a third party license/registration component with our own, resulting in a leaner setup. Some users might have to re-enter the registration code.
  • The startup Manager is in now sync with Task Manager's Startup tab.
  • 'Wipe Recycle Bin' tool wipes only current user's Bin by default. Added option to wipe every users' RecycleBin.
  • AutoRun Manager now scans 87 new locations.
  • A new column in AutoStart Manager to show whether the file is digitally signed.
  • Autostart Manager now shows all scheduled tasks. Added option to show all tasks.
  • Added Filter box for Autostart Manager.
  • Added Filter box for Erase History > Applications.
  • Registry Cleaner tool deletes invalid 'StartupApproved' items
  • 'Check for new version' now provides a url to manually check if new version is available in case your firewall blocks update checking.
  • If a user chooses not to enable Explorer shell integration during setup, shellext DLL is not registered.
  • Improved Chrome history and Cache cleaning
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Fixed an issue with firefox history cleaning.
  • Improved Edge Cookie cleaning.
Changes in v5.2.1 - Aug 01, 2016
  • Fixed an issue with plug-ins in Erase History
Changes in v5.2 - Jul 09, 2016
  • New layout for the welcome page.
  • Complete redesign of color themes.
  • Added an option in the 'Disk Analysis' tool to speedup loading of the 'Top 100 files' (View > Options).
  • Improved font layout in all the tools and dialog boxes on HiDPI.
  • Improved font layout when font size is increased in Windows 10 using 'Advanced Display Settings > Change only text size'.
  • Improved cleaning of Microsoft Edge history (Cache, Passwords).
  • Improved cleaning of Chrome and Opera history (Cookies, Cache).
  • Improved cleaning of Firefox history (Cookies).
  • Avoids unnecessary reboots while cleaning using the 'Erase your History' tool.
  • Improved the cleaning of Windows logs.
  • Added 13 new plugins (Office 2016, Java, Real Times, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc).
  • Updated 11 plugins.
  • Fixed a toolbar display issue with checkboxes and radio buttons on HiDPI.
  • Works better with windows HighContrast themes. Switches to system theme if Windows is in Highcontrast mode.
  • Removed a '.dll' file used for rendering themes. This makes Ace Utilities a bit more light-weight.
  • Updated the 'ignore-lists'.
Changes in v5.0 - Aug  26, 2015
  • Added Microsoft Edge browser support. Clears Cache, Cookies, Recently Typed URLs, Saved Form Information (while cleaning Internet Explorer).
  • Improved startup time.
  • 'Clean System Registry' modified to be compatible with Windows 10.
  • Option to disable wipe skipping files on SSDs. Wipe files will not delete files on SSDs. Previously it deleted the files without wiping if on SSD.
  • Improved Firefox Local Storage cleaning, Session cleaning and password cleaning.
  • Improved Chrome Session cleaning and cache cleaning.
  • Improved Opera Cookie cleaning and Session cleaning.
  • Added and updated several plug-ins.
  • Fixed issues in Auto Start Manager related to checking invalid entries in Windows 10.
  • Fixed Auto Start Manager UI freeze on Win10 when selecting 'All'.
  • Fixed startup speed in Disk Analysis tool on some systems without a physical floppy drive, but that is still enabled in the BIOS.
  • Modified the 'Registry Compactor' tool for Windows 10.
  • Added options in the installer to enable/disable some entries for system TuneUp in the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Added context menu option to open the folder of an item in 'Clean System Registry' tool.
  • 'Registry Backup' (RegBak) is now compatible with Windows 10. Added option to backup the 'DRIVERS' hive.
  • Added 'Cancel' button in the 'Disk Analysis' scan progress window.
  • Added some High DPI themes for systems with font size set to more than 150 dpi.
  • Added a new progress bar style.
Changes in v4.8.0 - Jan 13, 2015
  • 'Erase Your History' default settings now includes option to clear the Chrome browser history.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cookie Manager where user was not able to delete ALL cookies.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cookie Manager where user was not able to uncheck some cookies like "".
  • Removed au32.exe file.
  • Modified the cleaning process for Firefox to include session backups.
  • Added progress indicator for 'Maintenance Wizard' and 'Erase Your History'.
  • Updated history cleaning for Opera browser v26.
Changes in v4.7.0 - Dec 10, 2014
  • 'Erase Your History' tool now clears WebCache (Cache, History and Cookies) of Internet Explorer version 10 and above.
  • Improved the check for Internet Explorer running in the background before erasing history.
  • Internet browser history cleaning now supports Orbitum, Superbird, BlackHawk and Cyberfox browsers.
  • 'Cookie Manager' now excludes some cookies of popular sites by default if no cookies are excluded by the user.
  • Cookie Cleaning is enabled by default.
  • Secure deletions now does not apply to files if they are in an SSD. Instead a normal delete is done for such files. This applies to 'Wipe Recycle Bin', 'Securely Delete Files' tool and the wiping of files by 'Erase Your History'. 'Wipe Free Space' tool will not wipe the free disk space, but will wipe file slack space and deleted entries from MFT.
  • Modified some plug-ins.
  • Added plug-ins for cleaning 'Adobe Premiere Elements'.
  • When checking for update, System TuneUp notifies the user about license renewal if his current license has expired.
Changes in v4.6.0 - Nov 4, 2014
  • Added more checks in shortcut cleaner scanning.
  • Revamped Find Duplicate Files.
  • Added several new plug-ins and updated some.
  • Added option to clean indexed databases in Chrome and Firefox.
  • Added option to clean favicons database in Chrome.
  • Updated cleaning for Opera 24.
  • Cookie Manager indicates which browsers have cookies present for a given URL.
  • Added option to remove Site Preferences in Firefox which can save some history of visited URLs.
  • Added progress indicator in the taskbar while cleaning/analyzing in History Cleaner.
  • Now cleans other user's internet explorer cookies while deleting history.
  • Updated ignore lists.
  • Updated Registry Backup tool.
  • Updated History Cleaner's Misc tool to show more items that were ignored Previously, like 'Clean Temporary Setup Files' which would clean aborted Windows installations.
  • MS Search plug-in is now not auto-detected. It was resetting Windows search index database.
  • Fixed background color of ignored items in list.
  • Some cleaning functions in Erase History securely wiped data even if the option was to just delete. Fixed it.
  • Fixed error in listing of Firefox LocalStorage Cookies.
  • Fixed freezing up of UI in Uninstaller Manager when certain strings are encountered.
  • Fixed an issue in Uninstaller Manager where some entries where not launching the uninstaller correctly.
  • Fixed loading of Erase History> Misc > Temporary Files in Win8.1
  • Registry Cleaner is now less aggressive in deleting empty keys in the ActiveX section.
  • Added firewall rule cleaning in Registry Cleaner.
  • Improved scanning algorithm for paths in Registry Cleaner to avoid certain paths in Windows 8.
  • Registry Cleaner now finds more errors in the ActiveX section.