Changes in v6.6.0 - May 22, 2021
  • Added cleaning for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Browser 's Cache, History, Cookies
  • Added cleaning of Firefox crash reports
  • Added LocalStorage Cookie cleaning for Chrome, Edge, Opera
  • Improved 'Cache' cleaning for Chrome
  • Improved 'Session' cleaning for Chrome
  • Improved 'Cache' cleaning for Opera
  • Added Plugins :Slack, Stardock WindowBlinds, Amazon Music
  • Modified Plugins : Avast AntiVirus, Google Earth, CyberLink AudioDirector
  • Fixed an issue with display of Firefox cookies in Cookie Manager
  • Fixed an issue in deleting / enabling a disabled item in AutoStart Manager > Explorer
  • Minor UI fixes for HiDPI screens
Changes in v6.5.0 - Sep 30, 2019
  • Added new junk file extension cleaning
  • Updated Microsoft Edge Cache and Cookie cleaning
  • Added option to clear Microsoft Edge Favicons.
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Updated plugins ( Avast! Antivirus,Foxit Reader,Media Player Classic,Skype Metro,Xilisoft Video Converter,ZoneAlarm )
  • New plugins (Amazon Kindle,Skype for Desktop)
  • Fixed column sizes save issue in Startup manager
Changes in v6.4.0 - Nov 6, 2018
  • Fixed some issues with licence registration
  • Now cleans Firefox 64-bit version
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Cleans Waterfox
Changes in v6.3.0 - Sep 20, 2016
  • Replaced a third party license/registration component with our own, resulting in a leaner setup. Some users might have to re-enter the registration code.
  • The startup Manager is now in sync with Task Manager's Startup tab.
  • Wipe Recycle Bin tool wipes only current user's Bin by default. Added option to wipe every users' Recycle Bin.
  • Shortcut cleaner now shows scanning info in the center of page. Also fixed a bug : when user scanned a second time, no items were found.
  • Startup Manager now scans 87 new locations for startup items
  • A new column in AutoStart Manager to show whether the file is digitally signed.
  • Autostart Manager now shows all scheduled tasks. Added option to show all tasks.
  • Added Filter box for Autostart Manager.
  • Added Filter box for Erase History > Plugins.
  • Registry Cleaner tool deletes invalid 'StartupApproved' items
  • 'Check for new version' now provides an url to manually check if new version is available in case your firewall blocks update checking.
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • If a user chooses not to enable Explorer shell integration during setup, shellext DLL is not registered.
  • Improved Chrome history and Cache cleaning
  • Will delete compressed files when wiping RecycleBin even if the program fails to wipe it.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Openwithlist' scanning in Registry Cleaner tool.
  • Updated ignore-lists
  • Fixed an issue with firefox cookie cleaning.
  • Improved Edge Cookie cleaning.
Changes in v6.2.1 - Aug 01, 2016
  • Fixed an issue with plug-ins in Erase History
Changes in v6.2.0 - Jul 09, 2016
  • Added an option in the 'Disk Analysis' tool to speedup loading of the 'Top 100 files' (View > Options).
  • Improved font layout in all the tools and dialog boxes on HiDPI.
  • Improved font layout when font size is increased in Windows 10 using 'Advanced Display Settings > Change only text size'.
  • Improved cleaning of Microsoft Edge history (Cache, Passwords).
  • Improved cleaning of Chrome and Opera history (Cookies, Cache).
  • Improved cleaning of Firefox history (Cookies).
  • Added an option to change the system restore point creation method.
  • Added an option to change the color theme of child windows
  • Avoids unnecessary reboots while cleaning using the 'Erase your History' tool.
  • Improved the cleaning of Windows logs.
  • Added 13 new plugins (Office 2016, Java, Real Times, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc).
  • Updated 11 plugins.
  • Removed the animation of 'Remove Junk Files' tool.
  • Fixed a bug in the 'Clean System Registry' tool related to 'ignore-lists'.
  • Moved some items that were displayed in the wrong group to the correct group in the 'Clean System Registry' tool.
  • Fixed a toolbar display issue with checkboxes and radio buttons on HiDPI.
  • Works better with windows HighContrast themes. Switches to system theme if Windows is in Highcontrast mode.
  • Removed a '.dll' file used for rendering themes. This makes Ace Utilities a bit more light-weight.
  • Updated the 'ignore-lists'.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
Changes in v6.1.0 - Jan 11, 2016
  • Improved the 'Clean System Registry' tool. It now finds more invalids in the 'Thorough' mode.
  • GUI changes to account for HiDPI displays.
  • Fixed an issue while refreshing the 'Uninstall Manager' tool.
  • Minor GUI changes throughout; changed some animations.
  • Added 'scanning progress' to the 'Auto Start Manager' tool. Added a 'Stop' button to stop/cancel the scan.
  • Fixed a bug in the 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool related to multiple user accounts.
  • Added progress of shortcuts scanned in the 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool.
  • 'Maintenance wizard' now has an automatic start setting (Options > Automate)
  • Fixed a bug in the 'Find Duplicate Files' tool 'Search Options' pane.
Changes in v6.0.0 - Aug 25, 2015
  • Added Microsoft Edge browser support. Clears Cache, Cookies, Recently Typed URLs, Saved Form Information (while cleaning Internet Explorer).
  • 'Clean System Registry' modified to be compatible with Windows 10.
  • Option to disable wipe skipping files on SSDs. Wipe files will not delete files on SSDs. Previously it deleted the files without wiping if on SSD.
  • Improved Firefox Local Storage cleaning, Session cleaning and password cleaning.
  • Improved Chrome Session cleaning and cache cleaning.
  • Improved Opera Cookie cleaning and Session cleaning.
  • Added and updated several plug-ins.
  • Fixed issues in Auto Start Manager related to checking invalid entries in Windows 10.
  • Fixed Auto Start Manager UI freeze on Windows 10 when selecting 'All'.
  • Fixed startup speed in Disk Analysis tool on some systems without a physical floppy drive, but that is still enabled in the BIOS.
  • Removed some themes previously provided for Ace Utilities UI.
  • Modified the Ace Utilities installer.
  • Modified the 'Registry Compactor' tool for Windows 10.
  • Added options in the installer to enable/disable some entries for Ace Utilities in the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Added context menu option to open the folder of an item in 'Clean System Registry' tool.
  • 'Registry Backup' (RegBak) is now compatible with Windows 10. Added option to backup the 'DRIVERS' hive.
  • Added 'Cancel' button in the 'Disk Analysis' scan progress window.
  • Fixed a crash in the 'Remove Junk Files' tool when the user stops scanning and closes the window.
  • The 'Remove Junk Files' tool will now show files only at the end of the scan. This results in a slight gain in speed and less chance for a user interface-freeze.
  • Added 'Mark one from each group' context menu for the 'Find duplicate folders' scan if the 'Include subfolders' option is also selected (on user request).
  • Added some High DPI themes for systems with font size set to more than 150 dpi.
  • Added a new progress bar style.
Changes in v5.9.0 - Jan 13, 2015
  • 'Exit' button in the main interface brought back due to popular request (Ace Utilities > Options > View > Show Exit button).
  • Added progress indicators in the Taskbar for System Restore and Registry Compactor tools.
  • Some items in the 'Options' > 'Remove junk Files' > 'Exclude' folder list can now be disabled.
  • 'Erase Your History' default settings now includes option to clear the Chrome browser history.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cookie Manager where user was not able to delete ALL cookies.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cookie Manager where user was not able to uncheck some cookies like "".
  • Removed au32.exe file.
  • Modified the cleaning process for Firefox to include session backups.
  • Added progress indicator for 'Maintenance Wizard' and 'Erase Your History'.
  • Added option to 'Clean and Reboot' / 'Clean and Shutdown' for the 'Maintenance Wizard'.
  • Updated history cleaning for Opera browser v26.
Changes in v5.8.0 - Dec 04, 2014
  • 'Erase Your History' tool now clears WebCache (Cache, History and Cookies) of Internet Explorer version 10 and above.
  • Improved the check for Internet Explorer running in the background before erasing history.
  • Internet browser history cleaning now supports Orbitum, Superbird, BlackHawk and Cyberfox browsers.
  • 'Cookie Manager' now excludes some cookies of popular sites by default if no cookies are excluded by the user.
  • Cookie Cleaning is enabled by default.
  • Secure deletions now does not apply to files if they are in an SSD. Instead a normal delete is done for such files. This applies to 'Wipe Recycle Bin', 'Securely Delete Files' tool and the wiping of files by 'Erase Your History'. 'Wipe Free Space' tool will not wipe the free disk space, but will wipe file slack space and deleted entries from MFT.
  • Modified some plug-ins.
  • Added plug-ins for cleaning 'Adobe Premiere Elements'.
  • When checking for update, Ace Utilities notifies the user about license renewal if his current license has expired.
Changes in v5.7.0 - Nov 04, 2014
  • Changed the icon of RegBak; changed description text of some tools.
  • Added options to reset the search options in the 'Find Duplicate Files'.
  • Added a context menu option in Windows Explorer for the 'Disk Analysis' tool. Users can now view space usage of any folder or drive from Windows Explorer.
  • Disk Analysis of Mapped Network drives can be done from Explorer context menu. UAC prevents some mapped network drives from being shown when Disk Analysis is launched from Ace Utilities.
  • Fixed an error in the display of usernames in AutoStart Manager.
  • Regbak now deletes the backup folder correctly
Changes in v5.6.1 - Oct 07, 2014
  • Fixed an error in 'Clean System Registry' where using the tool with the 'Backup in zip format' option set would create a slightly corrupted zip file if it encountered a non-existing registry entry from the list.
  • Fixed an error in  'color theme' loading.
  • Fixed some errors in the 'backup in zip format' option for tools that allow it.
  • Fixed the background color when showing items from the 'ignore-list', for tools that allow it, while scanning.
Changes in v5.6.0 - Sep 29 , 2014
  • Added status update for scanning by 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool.
  • Added more checks in 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts'.
  • Added option to find 'duplicate folders' in 'Find Duplicate Files' tool.
  • Added several new plug-ins and updated some existing ones.
  • Added option to clean indexed databases in the Chrome and the Firefox browsers.
  • Added option to clean favicons database in the Chrome browser.
  • Updated history cleaning for Opera browser v24.
  • Cookie Manager now indicates which browsers have cookies present for a given URL.
  • Added option to remove 'site preferences' in Firefox browser which can save some history of visited URLs.
  • Added progress indicator in the taskbar while 'Erase Your History' perform a cleaning/analysis.
  • 'Erase Your History' now cleans other users' Internet Explorer browser cookies while deleting history.
  • Updated ignore lists.
  • Updated 'Remove Junk File' tool's drive list user interface; added new theme.
  • Updated Registry Backup and Restore (RegBak) tool.
  • Updated 'Erase Your History' > 'Misc' to show more items that were ignored previously, like 'Clean Temporary Setup Files' which cleans aborted Windows installations.
  • Added 'firewall rule' section cleaning in the 'Clean System Registry'.
  • Improved the scanning algorithm in 'Clean System Registry' to avoid certain paths in Windows 8.
  • 'Clean system Registry' now finds more errors in the ActiveX section.
  • Fixed an issue in Erase Your History' tool where some cleaning functions perform 'secure data wipe' even if the option was to just delete it.
  • Fixed error in listing of Firefox LocalStorage cookies.
  • Fixed 'program freezing' in the 'Uninstaller Manager' tool when certain 'uninstall strings' are encountered.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Uninstaller Manager' tool where some entries were not launching the uninstaller correctly.
  • Fixed a few issues where 'Clean System Registry' and 'Remove Junk Files' were causing errors for MS Office 2013 users.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Clean System Registry' was causing an error using a network-ed HP Printer/Scanner.
  • 'Clean System Registry' tool is now less aggressive in deleting empty keys in the ActiveX section.
  • MS Search plug-in is now not auto-detected. It was resetting Windows search index database.
  • Fixed the listing of Erase Your History> Misc > Temporary Files in Windows 8.1. Now it does not appear in the list.
  • Fixed the url to CNet in the 'Help' menu > 'I like Ace Utilities' > 'Vote'. Also added 'Visit support forum' link.
Changes in v5.5.0 - Sep 30 , 2013
  • 'Import complete/Export complete' messages after importing and saving settings.
  • Added an 'Analyze' feature in the 'Erase Your History' tool. Also, the results of the cleaning are now shown after the erase is complete.
  • Compatible with Opera 15 and above
  • Option to delete the cache and the cookies of Firefox, Opera and Chrome from all user accounts.
  • Improved history cleaning for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Firefox cookie cleaning now include HTML5 localstorage and HTML5 OfflineCache.
  • Cookie Manager now shows Internet Explorer's cookies from all user accounts (if the corresponding option is set).
  • Cookie Manager now shows Internet Explorer's DOMStore (HTML5 localstorage) and UserData.
  • Cookie Manager now shows Flash cookies (LSO) from Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • Cookie Manager and 'Erase Your History' tool auto-detects installed Browsers.
  • 'Erase Your History' now cleans Internet Explorer's FeedCache, DOMStore and UserData folders.
  • Added more plugins including 'Microsoft Silverlight', DirectX.
  • Added auto-detect button for 'Erase Your History' > 'Applications' page.
  • 'Remove Junk Files' now finds files from other user's 'Temp' folders.
  • Cleans Chromium based browsers Chrome Canary, SRWare Iron, CoolNovo, Comodo dragon, RockMelt and Yandex.
  • Cleans Firefox based browsers SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, Waterfox and Comodo Icedrago.
  • Cookie Manager shows Chrome's HTML5 localstorage. Deleting cookies will delete it.
  • History cleaner deletes some sections from Chrome's 'Preferences' file that stores browsing history
  • Added new option to delete Application compatibility history
  • Modified 'Clean your Registry' > 'Sounds' scanning.
  • Modified 'Cookie Manager' and 'Erase Your History' to be compatible with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.
  • Added a status bar for 'Erase Your History'.
  • Changed the 'plugin' format. Now a single file is used for all the built-in plugins. User created plugins have to be recreated with pluginmaker. These are now stored in custom.ini.
  • Updated the 'PluginMaker' to allow the changes in the plugin format.
  • Updated cleaning of the Apple Safari browser.
  • Added a new tool to delete 'System Restore Points'.
  • Added an option to delete Internet Explorer 'saved passwords' in 'Erase Your History'.
  • Added an option to delete the 'event logs' in 'Erase Your History'.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' related to multiple user accounts.
  • Removed the 'Info' panel from 'Auto-start Manager'. Will add in a future release after updating the database.
  • Registry Compactor is now built-in to Ace Utilities.
  • Clean System Registry's 'location' column now shows the subkey too. There is no 'subkey' column now.
Changes in v5.4.0 - July 22, 2013
  • Added an option in Erase Your History > Internet Explorer: 'Delete Crash Recovery Files'.
  • Modified Cookie Manager to address the issue of Firefox v22 cookies not being displayed.
  • Modified the 'Clean System Registry' to fix an issue where removing some entries of the MS Office 2013 was causing issues for certain users.
Changes in v5.3.0 - Dec 10, 2012
  • Added options in the installer package to create 'pinned icon in the task bar (Windows 7, Windows 8)' and 'Quick-launch icon (Windows XP, Windows Vista)' during installation.
  • Added 'jump lists' in the taskbar's pinned icon to launch tools in Ace Utilities.
  • Added a new section - Jumplist - in the 'Options' page. User can choose which items/tools/actions needs to be displayed in the 'Ace Utilities taskbar pinned icon'.
  • Added an option to bypass Windows 'User Account Control (UAC)' while launching Ace Utilities. 'Enabled' by default, launching Ace Utilities now will not ask for user prompt.
  • Improved the 'Update module'. Added an option for 'update check interval period'.
  • Slight change in themes and GUI. Main tools now show a 'progress indicator' in the taskbar icon while a 'scan' operation is in progress.
  • Made changes in Cookie Manager's user interface. Cookie Manager now saves 'last window position'.
  • Added a feature where the Cookie Manager shows all the browser cookies by default. Also added an option to 'filter' specific cookies from the list.
  • While running tasks using command console (cmd.exe) or through the 'Scheduled Cleanup', an 'animated icon' is now displayed in the System Tray. Click on the icon to bring up the 'activity progress window'.
  • Added '/opentool' paramater in addition to the existing '/launch' option.
  • Added 'collapsible' functionality to various scan lists like those in the 'Clean System Registry' tool, the 'Remove Junk Files' tool, etc.
  • 'Wipe Recycle Bin' can now be started even if Ace Utilities is running. Earlier, such a call prompted the user to close Ace Utilities first, if running.
  • Pressing the 'ESC' key now closes Ace Utilities. It also works on individual tools if they are idle.
  • In the 'Auto-Start Manager', the fetching and display of 'info text' for start-up entries is now made quicker.
  • Updated the 'delete routine' of 'Remove Junk Files' resulting in better handling of 'locked files'.
  • Slight change in scanning performance of 'Remove Junk Files'.
  • Disk Analysis can now be minimized while it is analyzing a drive. Also shows 'progress animation' in its taskbar button while analyzing.
  • No 'progress window' is displayed while cleaning history/loading 'Misc' page/loading 'Auto-Start Manager'.
  • Ace Utilities backup location is now in 'localappdata' for fresh installations.
  • 'Cookie Manager' now alerts user if 'Firefox' or 'Chrome' browser is running while Cookie Manager is active.
  • Internal changes in 'Erase Your History'; provides improved response during scanning and loading different sections/pages.
  • In Windows 7, the Uninstaller Manager now shows 'install date', 'size' and 'version' info.
  • Added an option in the 'Restore' window to go to the Ace Utilities backup folder (for 'Expert User' mode only).
  • 'Find Duplicate Files' tool now uses MD5 as the default checksum algorithm.
  • If no 'save column width' option is selected, lists will now resize automatically.
  • 'Erase Your History' tool now supports 'secure delete' for Opera, Firefox and Chrome browser history.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Uninstall Manager' where running it in Windows 8 caused the application to 'hang'.
  • Fixed an issue where Internet Explorer v9 and v10 cookies were not being listed in the 'Cookie Manager'.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Cookie Manager' where 'Safari' browser history was not getting cleared.
  • Fixed an issue in the installer where 'if the previous installation of Ace Utilities was on a drive which is no longer valid, then the update installer would not allow the user to change the install path'.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Erase Your History' > Clear past icon history of System Tray' option. Ace Utilities no longer uses VBScript.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Erase Your History' > 'Misc Items' and 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tools where in some cases a 'Server Busy' prompt was being shown during the 'loading' process.
  • Removed 'sound alert' on mouse clicks and at the completion of tasks. Instead, now the taskbar button for Ace Utilities flashes to indicate the 'end of an activity'. Taskbar messages above the System Tray are also disabled except for one or two activites.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Scheduled Cleanup' where, in some cases, Ace Utilities would crash when scheduled clean up starts.
  • No progress UI is now shown while deleting files using commandline switches or Wizard.
  • Removed a 'junk file extension' which caused valid files to be considered as junk in some rare cases.
  • Remove Junk Files tool now will not exclude any subfolders inside the Windows Temp folders.
  • Fixed some issues in the command line usage of the 'Registry Backup/Restore (RegBak)' tool.
Changes in v5.2.5 - Feb 13, 2012
  • In 'Find Duplicate Files > Drives/Folders to scan' window, the entries already present in the 'selected drives/folders' are now 'click-able'. This faciliates easy removal of such entries from the scan list.
  • Added some entries to the built-in 'ignore list'.
  • Added a feature in the 'Cookie Manager' where when the user selects a new 'browser' entry from the 'browser selection drop-down list' the Cookie Manager retains the changes made up to that point.
  • Updated the support for 'Internet Explorer 9' and 'Opera' in the 'Erase Your History' tool.
  • Added Plug-in Maker in 'Erase Your History > Plugins' section. Users can now create custom plug-ins.
  • Detached 'Cookie Manager' from the 'Options'. It now runs as a separate entity.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Erase Your History > Firefox' where 'saved passwords' were not being deleted
  • Fixed and issue in the 'Find Duplicate Files' where using the option 'Check Mark > All within this file's folder and its sub folders' results in selection of entries that are not within the selected parameters.
  • Fixed an issue with Cookie Manager where loading cookies after installing Firefox 9 causes Ace Utilities to crash.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Erase Your History' where the 'More Actions > Reset to defaults' option was not resetting the options in all the sub-sections.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Cookie Manager' where in certain scenarios it unnecessarily shows the user a message to 'uncheck cookies'.
  • Fixed an issue with Regbak where the 'limit backups to x number of days (/limitdays:x)' was not working.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Erase Your History' where pressing the 'F6' key in certain pages rendered the program unresponsive.
Changes in v5.2.4 - July 08, 2011
  • 'Cookie Manager' now supports Firefox 4, 5.
  • Added option to reset 'Options > Remove Junk Files > Exclude' list to installation default.
  • Added option to delete Google Chrome's 'most visited page' history.
  • Added a new 'Gray' theme and modified the 'PitchBlack' theme background image.
  • Fixed an issue where Ace Utilities crashes in Windows 2000.
  • While deleting files to a compressed archive (zipped file) by the 'Remove Junk Files' and the 'Find Duplicate Files' tools, Ace Utilities now does not show error message if a 'in-use/locked' file is encountered.
  • If all files of a duplicate group are check-marked in 'Find Duplicate Files' and the user proceeds with the 'delete' action , the tool now issues a warning indicating the chance of a possible data loss.
  • Removed the message 'Unable to run task scheduler process, Scheduler won't work' shown when opening the 'Options' dialog in Windows user accounts without administrator privileges.
  • Fixed an error in display of pages in 'Find Duplicate Files' tool. If a whole page was deleted, it was affecting the display of other pages.
Changes in v5.2.3 - April 22, 2010
  • Changed the position of 'scanning progress info/bar'.
  • Find Duplicate File 'Drive/Folder to Scan' folder dilaog in now resizable.
  • 'Cookie Manager' now issues a message if a user unchecks a subdomain of a protected cookie.
  • While scanning 'Disk Analysis' now shows the file count as a progress indicator.
  • Added shortcuts to 'Disk Analysis' and 'Regbak' in Start menu > Ace utilities > Utilities folder.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Remove Junk Files' related to scannning of locked (in use) files.
  • Fixed a crash in 'Cookie Manager' when scanning large cookies.
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting cookies from other user accounts.
  • Fixed an issue in 'Regbak' related to the deletion of previous backup folders.
  • Fixed an error in 'Auto-start manager > Open in Regedit' for entries under 'Local machine run (x86)'.
Changes in v5.2.0 - Mar 30, 2010
  • Registry Backup (RegBak, with 64-bit support) tool now included in setup and integrated into the interface.
  • Added color themes.
  • Improved 64-bit support for Disk Analysis (DA).
  • Added more file types for grouping in DA.
  • Added 'Last Modified' and 'Attribute' columns in DA.
  • Added option to scan a specific folder (local/remote) in DA.
  • To prevent application hang, Cookie Manager won't list or delete cookies when Firefox/Chrome browser is running.
  • Added option to clean Microsoft Outlook's secure temp folder.
  • Added 'usage history tracking' for the program.
  • Added progress indicators for zipping/unzipping files to backup locations (Remove Junk Files, Find Duplicate Files).
  • Performance improvement in scanning time (esp. 'Remove Junk Files').
  • Minor GUI modifications.
  • Updated built-in 'Ignore Lists'.
  • Added option to compact Firefox's sqlite databases which will improve Firefox start-up.
  • Added option to scan invalid Shared Folders entries in 'Clean System Registry'.
  • Modified scanning of 'Invalid File Association' section of 'Clean System Registry'.
  • Modified the way results are shown by 'Auto-Start Manager > Verify'. Results are now shown in the list itself.
  • Updated startup.dat.
  • Backup files are now named in chronological date order.
  • Rephrased some dialog texts.
  • Improved scheduled maintenance (added option to run at user login). Moved Scheduled maintenance to 'Options'.
  • Program now uses system colors wherever possible.
  • Revamped toolbar and icons for various tools.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for various actions.
  • Added tooltips for various buttons.
  • Changed Ace Utilities application icon.
  • Updated nearly 30 plug-ins.
  • Removed old background style from Options > View.
  • Added an option to use system title bar and window border.
  • Only one System restore point will be created each day ('Clean System Registry').
  • Changed the progress bar style for various scanning actions.
  • Modified default column background color of list views. Now only the sorted column will have gray background. The other columns will use system colors.
  • Modified Options > View dialog. Removed custom second column color. Can now set sorted column background color.
  • Revamped 'Erase Your History' tool GUI.
  • Since 'verify digital signature' option make 'Auto Start Manager' appear to be hung, a separate progress window is added.
  • Added progress dialogs while loading plug-in, Misc pages
  • Added a separate option in 'Erase Your History' to clear all Jump Lists including pinned items for maximum privacy.
  • Prevents 'non-expert' users from disabling Microsoft Windows specific entries in 'Auto-start Manager'. Issues a warning if user is an expert.
  • Uninstall Manager now saves column widths and sort order.
  • Modified the invalid (question mark) icon for Auto-start Manager and Uninstall Manager (Windows Vista and later only).
  • Improvement in speed for 'Wipe Free Disk Space' tool. Total time required is now reduced to about half of what it was before.
  • 'Erase Your History' > 'Firefox' will now detect multiple profile locations and custom cache paths.
  • Added 'Erase History' > 'Plug-ins' > Context menu > 'Auto-detect' option to check mark plug-ins that will work on a user's system.
  • Added option to clean .lnk (shortcut) files via Windows explorer 'Secure Erase' context menu.
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the Cookie Manager where some protected cookies get deleted.
  • Fixed a bug related to mapped network drives in DA.
  • Fixed minor issues in 'Cookie Manager' related to Opera browser (duplication of cookie entries, unexpected occurrence of 'set profile folder' message box).
  • Fixed a bug in 'Registry Compactor' related to calculation of compaction percentage.
  • Fixed application hang of 'Erase Your History' tool in some Windows versions.
  • Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer Printing when using 'Remove Junk Files'.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Remove Junk Files' crashed while scanning very large number of files.
  • Fixed some issues related to accessing/deleting files in mapped network drives.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Securely delete Files' tool operation status dialog .
  • Fixed an issue with the warning message shown before wiping via Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with System restore point creation during first run.
  • Fixed some high-dpi issues (icon painting issues in lists).
  • Fixed an issue related to the integrity of backup zip files created with size greater than 4GB.
  • Fixed a minor issue related to the results shown by Wizard/Tray dialog when a user cancels the operation.
  • Fixed positioning of Tray task dialog (sometimes the Task dialog gets partially hidden by Windows taskbar).
  • Fixed an issue in setup where running from command-line with /D parameter had no effect when default installation path was changed.
  • A few minor bug fixes related to Windows 7 compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Secure Erase' shell context option operation status dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Find Duplicate Files > Drives/Folders to Scan' dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Options' > 'View' > 'Preview'. It was not showing any preview at all.
  • Fixed a bug in 'Auto-Start Manager' > 'Scheduled Tasks' option. Now it shows all the tasks that run at user logon or system boot (non-Microsoft).
  • Fixed an issue with Options > View > Set Font. It was not setting the font correctly in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed an issue where Erase Your History was clearing user's pinned Jump Lists.
  • Fixed a crash in 'Find Duplicate files' caused by buffer overflow (an uncaught exception).
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox's Google toolbar history was not being cleared.